This image was sent to me from my husband’s iPhone while at work under the title “I built a city”, obviously quoting my 4.5 year old son.

It’s my practice existing through the traces I leave behind, while at work (the books) and the possibilities of creative production.

It’s also about how inactive I am now as a maker, struggling to fulfill all the other tasks that I am expected to not finding the head space (hence egg womb moon and head) to make anything.

Thanks so much Shumel and Daniel for picking up where I left off.

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I am an artist and academic teaching Photography at the University of West London.
My visual art practice is a personal investigation of the limits of maternal subjectivity expressed through photography and video and I also write about the maternal in contemporary art practice.
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2 Responses to “Work made in my absence”

  1. Helen Sargeant

    I love this image, and the “unbearable weight” of the city created on top of your book pile by Shumel. The plastic figures legs falling off the side of the book, pepper and salt pot skyscrapers. The kiwi fruits and lemons like Guggenheim Gallery structures.

    The truthfulness in your practice is so clearly articulated, intelligent, so full of head space.

  2. Eti

    Helen. It’s really funny that you say my practice is full of headspace when in fact, the photograph was created in my absence so I’m really struggling to make work and am clutching at straws, appropriating my son’s playful image as my contribution to the site. I kind of feel that my family is sensing my desperation to be creative and they are carrying the art making torch on my behalf for a bit.


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