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my partner should have been here – on this side

my three best friends on the other side

it should have been the midwife-who-did-what-I-said

not the one who said

“all that matters is that you and your baby are healthy”

from 4cm it should all have been over in 3 hours

I’d prepared a selection of Chopin for the first hour

a selection of Berlioz for the next hour

and Eminem for the final hour

– to cover my swearing

it should never have been One Direction and Limp Biscuit

it should have been in a birthing pool

it should have been videoed

it should never have been a caesarian

it should have been in the garden, in the yurt

it should have been two weeks ago

it should have been two weeks later

it should have been drug-free

I should have had an epidural

it wasn’t supposed to be twins

it was supposed to be a girl

I was supposed to be able to breastfeed him

– for at least 6 years




© Char March



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