You played hide and seek

through our dreams for years

before you arrived.


Then, once we’d tigged you

– that squirm of blur

inside that pulsing screen –


we lay at night trying

not to giggle; straining

to hear your heartbeat.


You made us laugh a lot,

and disagree, and talk till 3am

of names, and whose nose you’d get.


And then you, who had lived

with us such a blink of time,



And we are left, holding

onto nothing but naming books,

and our lurching world.


For you braced your whole

13cm self, and threw our

planet off its axis.

About Char March

Char March is a multi-award-winning poet, playwright and short fiction writer. Her credits include:  five poetry collections, six BBC Radio 4 plays, seven stage plays and numerous short stories in anthologies and literary magazines. She has featured on BBC TV and radio. She’s been Writer-in-R…Read more


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One Response to “We were parents”

  1. Helen Sargeant

    This poem brilliantly captures the deep love and connection the parents felt for their child. Their tragic loss and the fragility of life is felt through these deeply affecting words.


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