Tyven, Directed by Adele Myers

Shot in North Uist, Outer Hebrides, this film is inspired by my personal experience and feelings
of the loss felt after my oophorectomy. When I first listened to the music of Anton Hunter, it evoked
a melancholic sense of remoteness and isolation that struck a cord with me as reminiscent to the disassociation
that I had experienced with the world around me and what it was then to be a woman living with this loss.

I wanted to create a film that offered an insight into everyday activities of a couple dealing with something
of such magnitude.

This film was created for the Bokeh Yeah! and Single Cell Collective music video challenge.

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About Adele Myers

Adele Myers is a Manchester based artist and filmmaker. Currently is the founder and co-ordinator of Bokeh Yeah! the DSLR video school, which delivers workshops, film challenges and screenings. Read more

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  1. Helen Sargeant

    This is such a beautiful and thoughtful film, I love the dedication at the end “to all those childless by circumstance”. The egg, the womb, the head and the moon is a project that sets out to give voice and expression to those that are under-represented or perhaps visible or unseen. I feel that the position of the childless mother or the mother who does not bear by birth a child is overlooked. This film therefore is very successful in expressing your experience. So many many thanks for sharing.
    The landscape of this film is very familiar to me as my parents live in a cottage very similar to this one on the north coast of scotland. There is a wild beauty about the bog, an isolating tenderness. But the landscape is also brutal, the growth of trees for example is stunted by the force of the north wind. In the summer months it hardly gets dark, in winter it is black.
    The music in the film reminds me of a time when I was looking after my first born child in London. I felt very dislocated from the world. I found it difficult adjusting to becoming a new mother and being at home was very isolating. I felt a distinct sense of loss, depression. I am entirely grateful that I have been able to give birth to two healthy children. However the sense of isolation, and loss that you felt/feel as a childless mother and that I have experienced as a mother with children perhaps are one and the same thing. At least how loss can lead to depression, and feelings of remoteness and isolation.
    The maternal as a subject reaches out far beyond that of the mother with the child, it makes connections with others, to further understand the world in which we live.


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