Slightly late off the mark, coming on board onto the project at week 4, makes me think of the time-frame within which an unplanned pregnancy is discovered. It reminds me of the time(s) that I experienced the (somewhat) late realisation that the weird, heightened sense of smell, tender breasts, strange smelling urine and vaginal discharge all mean, doh, that someone has taken over my body.  I am no longer just me.



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I am an artist and academic teaching Photography at the University of West London.
My visual art practice is a personal investigation of the limits of maternal subjectivity expressed through photography and video and I also write about the maternal in contemporary art practice.
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One Response to “This would probably be the point at which I would discover I am pregnant”

  1. Helen Sargeant

    “Doh” and denial, are the word’s that best describe the realisation
    that yes I was pregnant with my first child. I remember that sinking feeling that my period had not arrived when it was meant to. I remember trips to the chemist on the way home from work, loitering in the aisle’s that sold pregnancy testing kits. Picking them up, reading the instructions, then placing them back on the shelves. I remember the slight taste of metallic in my mouth, my breasts feeling sensitive to the touch. I remember finally building up the courage to purchase the pregnancy kit, the journey back home on the tube, of my mind preoccupied by nothing else but the possibility of this other life. I remember getting back home to my friends one roomed flat in Hackney. The loneliness of it. Sitting locked in the bathroom, waiting for the magic blue line to appear, the shear shock of it reading positive, the delight, the panic. The one cigarette I shared with my friend when they got home and their kindness towards me.


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