I collect Naoise from nursery, when I arrive he is drawing a picture of pirates on a boat, he rolls up the drawing and hands it to me as a gift, my face lights up with love. He has been cleaning windows and got all wet so is wearing flamingo pink tracksuit bottoms whilst his own trousers dry on the radiator.


Naoise jumps into the pram and  hugs his snuggly pillow close to his body. The pillow completely covers his body and  he drifts off again into a summer slumber. When we get home I pick him out of the pram and lay him down on the sofa, covering him with a yellow blanket, his body falls and rises steadily with the slow of his breath.


It is a snoozy day. I sigh. I am finding even the simplest task difficult to complete. I think it is fair to say that trying to make leak and potatoe soup without a stock cube is doomed for disaster, it looks like gruel and tastes of too much of sage. I rub my eyes. Saucepans bubble.


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