Sleepers, I gaze at you,

Two pairs of lungs,

Air sucked in,

Our rising and falling breath,


Light dapples on your peach skin,

The uncovered duvet revealing your broadening shoulders, the crease in your back, the nape of your neck,

Thick dark hair.

The smell of ammonia from a nappy, your hand reaching out to touch your brothers back,


The window of the caravan open,

A slight breeze,

Curtains billowing,

A wood pigeon coo coo’s,


I remember you both as newborn babies, lying in the cot, and coo cooing over you,


You grow, still, silent,

My flesh, my body,

Both from me,

The same place, my dark, empty womb,


Hollows in the pillows from the heaviness of heads,

Sheets rippling around bodies,

Protector, overseer,




You make sense,

I can hold you in my mind, comprehend you,

Awake all is action, anarchy,




About Helen Sargeant

I am a visual artist, mother of two children aged 12 and 4, and co-founder of the MeWe arts collective. I intend to use this site to explore how my personal experiences as a mother informs my arts practice. To reflect upon the maternal in relationship to memory, loss, and mental health in particu…Read more


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