Pregnancy Nightmares Mice

When pregnant, most women experience lucid dreaming and vivid nightmares. There appears to be some common  themes to these nightmares, giving birth to animals being just one. For this second trimester of The Egg, The Womb, The Head and The Moon, I have continued with my small water colour retablos paintings, but this time illustrating pregnancy nightmares as told by women on internet chat forums.

This first painting reads:

I dreamt my vagina was full of little mice. I could feel them all packed in tight but still wriggling around.

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Paula Chambers is an artist and arts educator currently living and working in West Yorkshire. Paula’s art practice is a three dimensional visual exploration of the dilemma of what it means to inhabit a female body. Investigating through technologies of making the deconstructi…Read more


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2 Responses to “Pregnancy Nightmares: One”

  1. Frances Earnshaw

    I remember a vivid dream, when I was pregnant, but before I “knew” it. I dreamt that there was a jar of vulnerable soft creatures. I found it in the pantry, and remembered that I was supposed to water them… they were almost dead. I have always felt the dream was telling me to take care of what was happening inside my body.

    Please do make a painting about my dream!!

  2. Helen Sargeant

    I can really imagine those mice wriggling around in the vagina. I wish I had kept a diary when I was pregnant, I remember my dreams being very strange. This work made me think of this project, a text about it is published in the recent addition of Studies in the Maternal


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