to be a woman

to be a mother

to be a professional

to be educated and ambitious

to be in a relationship

to have children

to be an expatriate

to be who you are

where you are

 you find yourself making choices

your life is a pile of puzzle pieces

you think and look and you shuffle the pieces

you try and go to work and it doesn‘t work

there is no work for you in this city

you have children

you have no childcare

you stay at home 

you are miserable

you stay at home 

you are happy

you go to work and it works

there is no work for your partner in this city

you are an expatriate

you are a mother 

you shuffle the pieces


Marina, Italy

Free lance photographer

Italian partner

Mother of 3 children, 7 year old daughter and 5 year old twin boys

I don’t think mothering is work, it’s something that has to do with being a human being and sharing your life with other people. I made a choice to live in a couple, to have children and I knew that that meant a lot of my time would be spent with these people.

In my photographic work I speak a lot of identity and after I’ve chosen these things to happen to me, I feel as if I’ve lost my old self and need to create a new one for my new life.

I can’t always choose freely what I want to do, where or when I want to do it. I need to be “disponibile”, physically and psychologically available to them. 

They know I usually have flexible working hours, sometimes they wonder whether I work because I don’t go to the office, so I tell them that sometimes people can and do work from home.

I think they quite like what I do. Whenever they see photos around, they are happy to say: “this is mummy’s photo.”

I hope they inherit the “artistic” approach to life.


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Photos by Marina Cavazza, texts by Egle Kackute.

Marina Cavazza and Egle Kackute, expatriates from Italy and Lithuania respectively, have been photographing and interviewing other expatriate mums (and s…Read more


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