to be a woman

to be a mother

to be a professional

to be educated and ambitious

to be in a relationship

to have children

to be an expatriate

to be who you are

where you are

 you find yourself making choices

your life is a pile of puzzle pieces

you think and look and you shuffle the pieces

you try and go to work and it doesn‘t work

there is no work for you in this city

you have children

you have no childcare

you stay at home 

you are miserable

you stay at home 

you are happy

you go to work and it works

there is no work for your partner in this city

you are an expatriate

you are a mother 

you shuffle the pieces


Anne, USA

Actress, voiceover artist, presenter, writer, journalist, director

Legally separated 2 years & in process of divorce

Mother to 8 year old son

To give up my career for motherhood, which to me is a piece of me, would be like cutting my heart out. No. I have to be a mother and include what I do, because what I do is my passion and is a very strong inherent part of who I am. It’s my soul… and I could not give up my soul to bring another life into the world. But I can share my soul with that little one.My son and my work are a priority and they are equal. Actually, Dylan comes first and the career second. But they’re almost head to head.

Raising a child alone in a foreign country, on an artist’s salary, with no family and minimal child support, has been rough. But it’s important for me that my son sees that I have a life, a role outside the home; that I am respected in my field, have wonderful friends, am interacting in society, earning a living, and following my passion, which is what I encourage him to do on a daily basis.

For me, to be a good role model as a mother for my child is to be someone who is reliable, loving, respectful, resourceful, supportive, joyful, optimistic, and balanced.  But most of all, someone who takes time to laugh with my son and makes sure he knows how incredibly special he is.  The time we spend together is precious to me and I cherish every moment!

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