one step forward, two steps back…

mouse suit 2

…he moves towards me and away at the same time…

mouse suit 1

…the inevitability of separation as my son grows up.


About Tracey Kershaw

I am an artist and mother. Originally from Wales, I now live and practice in Nottingham, where I studied Fine Art, and am co-founder of the art collective Socket.

My work explores themes of motherhood, ageing and notions of change. I am interested in the familiarity of the everyday, which …Read more


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One Response to “One step forward, two steps back..”

  1. Helen Sargeant

    Beautiful Tracey. I am growing to learn to let go and support my eldest son’s increasing need to be independent, he always returns to me with love. Though the process of letting go and returning to each other can be complex.


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