Miss Conception No.1

The first in a series of small water colour retablos highlighting the ongoing reality and heart-breaking tragedy of self-induced miscarriage. All text has been taken directly from internet advice and help forums.

The text from this retablo reads as:

im not saying im gonna 1.how can u tell if ur pregnant and if i am 2 how do u do a self induced miscarriage i know its bad and terrible but i cant have a baby im 15 i know consequences but plz help.

1)Usually missed periods tell you that, but at your age they tend to get screwed up anyways. I’m not sure what else exactly gives it away, but going to a doctor usually tells you. Don’t freak out yet.
2)You can get a good friend to either Sparta kick you down a flight of stairs or hit you with his or her car (granted that this friend is even old enough to dive), or you could be responsible for your actions and have the kid if you end up being pregnant. Give it to a nice couple if you don’t want to take care of it so the child can still have a good life.

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