Miss Conception No.4

The fourth in a series of small water colour retablos highlighting the ongoing reality and heart breaking tragedy of self-induced miscarriage. All text has been taken directly from internet advice and help forums.

The text from this retablo read’s as :

December 6, 2011. Last week, a 20-year-old woman in New York City was arrested on charges of “self-induced abortion” and faces first-degree misdemeanour charges.  Initial news reports indicate that she intentionally caused the miscarriage/abortion.  The woman disposed of the foetus in what was probably the only way she could think of: wrapped in plastic bags and placed in the trash receptacle of her apartment building.

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  1. Frances Earnshaw

    It continues to be a puzzle what constitutes a crime. I just looked this case up on the internet. It was very interesting reading.

    Should this be a crime? This woman took the matter into her own hands, I assume because she could not access a legal abortion. Medicine has to be paid for in the States, even though the laws allow for abortion.

    The law states in the UK the age of consent is 16 (talking of puzzling laws) and therefore, you can legally make a baby at age 16. But you cannot vote until age 18. This interests me because most people seem more interested in politics and justice when they are very young. indifference sets in later.

    And… which is the greater responsibility, voting in a political party, or producing a baby?


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