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I am an artist and academic teaching Photography at the University of West London.
My visual art practice is a personal investigation of the limits of maternal subjectivity expressed through photography and video and I also write about the maternal in contemporary art practice.
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One Response to “making things”

  1. Helen Sargeant

    This image made me think of play and a mother working to play with her child , domestic life and the franticness of it all, a watermelon with a spoon stuck in it, a sink full of washing up, a child playing with a train track. How play constantly interrupts and merges into domestic work and vice versa. It also reminded me of going through the bedtime routine with Naoise (aged 4) the other evening. I find putting children to bed really tedious especially when I am ready for sleep myself, my patience and energy levels are running low, I will do anything to coax a child to bed happily. Me and Naoise made a train track across the floor of the front room that ended at the stairs to bed. It was a beautiful long one way train track to sleep.


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