Our Lady of Picky Eaters Iron R - Rachel Fallon

About Rachel Fallon

Rachel Fallon is a visual artist and mother of two sons. Her work explores the nature of defence and protection in the domestic and maternal realms.

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3 Responses to “Our Lady of Picky Eaters”

  1. Helen Sargeant

    The Lady of Picky Eaters certainly is resident in our home. My almost teenager becomes fussier by the day but as long as topped up with sufficient bland carbohydrates and sugary food he remains sweet.

  2. Frances Earnshaw

    Sounds very familiar!!!

    I LOVE this sculpture SO much. Right up my street. It is beautiful, and so charged with feeling, and yet retains its mystery.

  3. Rachel Fallon

    Thank you. Food and mothering are so entwined and I view this from the point of view of myself as a child and now as a mother. So much emotional life is played out over food.


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