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Once a mother always a mother: The Swing and the Hook, 2014, Bird-Jones and Heald ©


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5 Responses to “The Hook”

  1. Frances Earnshaw

    There was a hook like this one at my daughter’s primary school, which had etched its story into a stone wall.

  2. Helen Sargeant

    This hook reminds me of the doors in my grannies’s home in Asgarth. Each door had a hook that could become unhinged. Thinking of it now I can smell the house. I can remember opening each door, the squeak of the hinges and the floorboards. I remember the draw in the dresser containing the knotted plait in flame red tied with a bow cut from her daughters hair in childhood. I love the sound of the hook, a pendulum, a heartbeat ?

  3. Bird-Jones and Heald

    Thank-you Frances for your comment. The hook etching its story into the stone wall is a beautiful image and is reminiscent of time similar to the wooden wall paneling in our film.

  4. Bird-Jones and Heald

    Hi Helen we are glad that you found the film evocative, people always have their own personal responses to it. Your memories are really rich.

    We were inspired by the tug and pull of motherhood and explored the continuous pace of (e)motions in The Hook sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes fun sometimes not, experienced by us as mothers and artists.

    The Hook is also related to the swing with its momentum. In ‘Once a Mother always a Mother: The Swing and The Hook’ we attempt to capture intimate moments recapturing relationships with children through the portrayal of the swing. Recollecting happy memories and reveries the swing is iconic of childhood and motherhood. It is playful and has association with a fragment of life at a point in time that has happened.

    It would be interesting and we would appreciate other peoples responses and comments to the film.

  5. Rachel Fallon

    I love the simplicity of this piece. For me it is like a marking of time in a lifetime. Quick, quick at first, slowing down to still, like a child growing and leaving and a mother growing old.


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