Here is my Christmas shrine to Mary of Calendaria.  She came to me in the RSPCA shop in Todmorden – a picture on plastic plate souvenir from Tenerife.  She is a syncretic black virgin.  Her statue became a focus of aboriginal belief on the Canary Islands, before a Christian re-visioning as the Virgin Mary.  She appears around the world accompanied by common motifs: being washed up from the sea, or turning the aggression of the men who discovered her against their own bodies.  I have put eggshells around her.  Mary of Candelaria is bold and powerful, as well as the mother and healer. The shells are a reminder not to take care, as well as to take care, and to wonder how to walk the impossible line between the two.  I turn the eggshells upside on their ends, balance a candle inside and I light the candles.  Illuminated ruins.

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My background zigzags between working in Early Years settings, both as a teacher and as an artist, and in research. My thesis (and later research projects), in turn, have crisscrossed child development theories, critical and materialist writings and art theory. I put myself forward as a contribut…Read more

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