Script for ‘Full Term’ Video Film

This is a plan for Sunday 15th December 2013.

On the 15th December I will be full term.
On this day I will cast my belly bronze.
I will be 39.
I will be 37 weeks pregnant.
I will be full term.
I could go anytime.

The baby boy number 4 is due to arrive on Sunday 5th January 2014, according to scan.
He is also due to arrive on Sunday 12th January 2014, according to my last period.
Am I finally due a Sunday child?

He will be our youngest son. He will be the baby boy number 4.
We are still undecided about his name.
He might be called James Benjamin.

I will be determined to mark this time, this pregnant time.
I will be determined to remember.

At 37, I felt a gentle nudge that it is time to try for one more baby. There’s never enough love.

Baby number 4 is due to make his appearance two years after in early January 2014.
He’s coming after prolonged hesitation about whether to try again, months of trying following the the cut-off Shettles rules for conceiving a girl, a miscarriage and a failed pink sway.

On the 15th December, Sunday, I will be amongst the Gormlies, on Crosby Beach.
All men.
‘Another Place’ has become a kind of creative escape for my birthdays.

Baby boy number 4 charmed me during the 3D/4D scan.
He is bronze. Should I call him James Benjamin?

James comes from To the Lighthouse novel by Virginia Woolf.
James is the youngest son of Mrs Ramsey, baby number eight.
Benjamin means the youngest son.
James Benjamin.

Baby number 4 was desired and decided upon in January 2012, at Fuerteventura in El Cotillo, with a lighthouse in sight, under winter sunshine.

I never expected him to be a boy.
Baby boy number 4 is determined.
How it all makes perfect sense, now on the 15th December 2013, full term.

Full Term video film is a collaboration with Julieann O’Malley. Film is currently being shown at Artsmill Gallery space in Hebden Bridge. Video material is compiled from 3D/4D scan, Another Place filming and casting of Lena’s pregnant belly. The script for the film was written on Sunday 17th November 2013, Factory Floor weekend at Liverpool Hope University, when I was 33 weeks pregnant.

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