"Mummy soldier" face painting by Naoise (aged 4)
“Mummy soldier” face painting by Naoise (aged 4)

I’m the wicked witch,

Basket brim full of apples,

Luring children to sleep,

Camouflaged behind face paint,

Domestic soldier,

Dust explorer,

Odd sock finder,

Sink hole un-blocker,

Knicker washer,

Bottom cleaner,

Cake maker,

Light bulb replacer,

Puppet pretender,

Train set builder,

Jigsaw puzzler,

Play mate,

I used to gaze at me,

Now I gaze at you,

“I’ve eaten you up, your chocolate”; he squeals in delight,

And I say; “I’ll eat you up, I love you so”

I’m the Wild Things monsters all of them,

Boil of the water in the pan,

Frantic spin of the washing cycle,

Ping of the microwave,

Pop of the toast,

Gone off milk,

Louise Bourgeois spider hider,

Want to be lipstick applier,

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  1. Char March

    I love this image of camouflage mother – it is both fun and very unsettling, a great combo when it comes to art.


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