…..collecting stories about mothers…..

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I am an artist and mother. Originally from Wales, I now live and practice in Nottingham, where I studied Fine Art, and am co-founder of the art collective Socket.

My work explores themes of motherhood, ageing and notions of change. I am interested in the familiarity of the everyday, which …Read more

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  1. Lizzie Philps

    Hi Tracey,
    These few images have triggered a lot of thoughts in my head. I have loads to say about my mum. Sometimes I think I talk about her too much. I’m aware this sometimes makes me sound like I haven’t grown up. My sister and I once made bingo cards of all her sayings. I couldn’t do that about anyone else. When I ask her about her mum, she only ever tells me a handful of the same stories. If we did your project, my card would be full and hers would be very sparse. I wonder what that means.


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