Full Term

Script for ‘Full Term’ Video Film This is a plan for Sunday 15th December 2013. On the 15th December I will be full term. On this day I will cast my belly bronze. I will be 39. I will be … Continued

I had

When I had her. When she had me. We held. We cleaved. It is here. We were. We are. She touched me. We felt. It was.  

100 Days with James

A Document of Maternity Leave (2014) Sunday 20.04.2014 100 Days Video Script: Baby James is 100 days old today, Easter Sunday. Rainy weather, he is to stay in whilst I go to church at Sveti Vlaho (St Blasius) and then … Continued


She won’t remember any of this. It was a bright and breezy April morning. Afternoon. Morning or Afternoon. And the car seat won’t fit in the back. Only the front. Which isn’t recommended. And we drive very slowly. He checks … Continued

3am, a visit

Notes on motherless mothering. It has been very hard to write this. As if there is no energy left for it. My first night with my daughter it is just the two of us. I hold her all night. I … Continued

Pregnancy Nightmares

When pregnant, most women experience lucid dreaming and vivid nightmares. There appears to be some common  themes to these nightmares, giving birth to animals being just one. For this second trimester of The Egg, The Womb, The Head and The … Continued


Today I am Lady Macbeth For there is villainy in my housewifery. A desire for raw cleanliness: A house, preternaturally starched, White, blank, void. Ghosts flapping wildly outside, But fresh. And now you. Jammy little hands and molton eyes. Crayon … Continued