I’m collecting stories about mothers. I have a purple armchair and a small wooden box engraved with the words, ‘tell me about your mother’.

Box and purple chair

A little over a year ago, I began asking people to sit in the purple chair and to think about their mothers.

The box, with it’s small round hole, waits to receive the written thoughts – words or drawings describing a relationship with a mother.

Wooden box

I am interested in the idea of ‘the good mother’ – what it means and how it applies to me, as a mother, and as a daughter. And I began to wonder about the thoughts of others….


Tell me about your mother….

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I am an artist and mother. Originally from Wales, I now live and practice in Nottingham, where I studied Fine Art, and am co-founder of the art collective Socket.

My work explores themes of motherhood, ageing and notions of change. I am interested in the familiarity of the everyday, which …Read more

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2 Responses to “The Box and the Purple Chair”

  1. Rebecca Baillie

    I think this is a very strong work, both visually and conceptually. I like the parallel to be made with Irene Lusztig’s ‘worry box project’, and in particular in both cases, the significance of a wooden box as womb/tomb space. Boxes in art are of great interest to me.

  2. Tracey Kershaw

    Thanks Rebecca. I hadn’t heard of the ‘worry box project’…. so thank you for drawing my attention to it.


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