baby cookbook standing 1 baby cookbook standing 2
baby cookbook 1
baby cookbook 3
baby cookbook 4
baby cookbook 6
baby cookbook 7baby cookbook 8 baby cookbook 10 baby cookbook 13

About Tracey Kershaw

I am an artist and mother. Originally from Wales, I now live and practice in Nottingham, where I studied Fine Art, and am co-founder of the art collective Socket.

My work explores themes of motherhood, ageing and notions of change. I am interested in the familiarity of the everyday, which …Read more


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3 Responses to “The baby cookbook”

  1. Kristin Fredricksson

    I love this – makes me think of Sarah Lucas but it has more poignancy.

  2. Frances

    Fried eggs in the bra, cucumbers on the eyes. Sounds soothing! So this is the recipe to make a baby?! Hehee!

  3. Rachel Fallon

    I love this; the simplicity, the complexity, lovely, tactile, gorgeous.


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