Spiders and Flies

I woke up this morning with palpitations, the anticipation, the fear of the imminent birth; birth has always frightened me, the fear of dying, birth and death inextricably linked in the universal cycle.  What will it be like, how will … Continued

MEDEA and the Murdering of a Mother

They say Art imitates life, so what happens when life imitates Art, can it be too close for comfort? Many years ago a celebrated Classical Actress visited us to film a Workshop for the Open University of Euripides ‘Medea’.  A … Continued

Taboo and Tattoo

Oh joy I’m having a baby, everyone is looking forward to the unknown – Joy, anticipation of the explosion of love . But what happens when you don’t have a baby?  The Big Taboo. I remember during my 3rd pregnancy … Continued