I have not written properly – or indeed done anything to fuel my creative life – for several months now. The reasons are many – and none. Times and situations have changed; I have too. Rather than a list of … Continued

A web of words

The spider silk of my love failed me today. Dangled taut over breakfast table chaos Daring acrobatics and impossible feats then Snap I lie broken-legged upside down Amidst spoons and milk and a fraying school run.   I snipped and … Continued

Writing the truth

This week I have discovered – once again (I am a slow learner sometimes!) that I am a better person when I write. I’m a better mum too. At Friday’s Mewe meeting I brought along the one piece of writing I … Continued

Acknowledging the pain and reality of childbirth

In our society we do not openly acknowledge the physical and psychological pain endured in pregnancy and birth or even the real possibility of death during labour. In many ways as a society, we’ve handed over all responsibility for childbirth … Continued

Invisibility and coming undone

The invisibility of motherhood For me, one of the hardest adjustments to motherhood has been the gradual dissolving of my boundaries and an underlying feeling of invisibility. I write this shortly after opening yet another job rejection email – at the end of … Continued