Birth Icon Drawings

This series of ink and pencil drawings was created through observing YouTube birth videos, referencing the birth records of my two sons and from personal memories of birth. These explorations represent the beginnings of a project to visually expose the … Continued


At home time my youngest son Naoise excitedly handed me an orange covered book with “me, mummy” written on the front that he wants to use to draw pictures of “me in my mummy’s tummy when she was pregnant and him … Continued

Pregnancy blur

Pregnancy blur The maisonette, licked clean from top to bottom. Heady fuzz similar to that of the first day of a period. Thick grease on kitchen cupboard tops scrubbed away. Growing your lovely bones, elbows nudging stomach. Feet protruding and … Continued

Sylvia and Yellow

Notes before sleeping 5th February 2014 between 10:07pm and 11:38pm Yellow batter, Yellow pram, Yellow blanket, Yellow wallpaper, Yellow skin, Yellow sunflower, Yellow sand, Naoise fast asleep, I am lying next to him in bed he will celebrate his fifth birthday at … Continued