Work made in my absence

This image was sent to me from my husband’s iPhone while at work under the title “I built a city”, obviously quoting my 4.5 year old son. It’s my practice existing through the traces I leave behind, while at work … Continued

The Israel Museum in my bathroom

  I have not managed to post much recently, probably because I was being too critical, expecting the work to be profound and meaningful.  I feel that I must allow myself a bit more space to mess up and not … Continued

Dying in childbirth

Looking for some ideas regarding a possible piece of work about childbirth I came across Renaissance artifacts called Birth Tray’s or Deschi De Parto.  There are sources ( looking at the idyllic representation of the postpartum scene obscuring the reality … Continued

Some work from New York

I’ve just come back from New York, where I took part in a group show.  Being such a big thing (for me) I decided to take my family with me.  What I didn’t realise is that despite my son being … Continued

Life line

What I’m finding interesting is how this thing I was doing, taking two photographs on my iPhone from the different parts of my life suddenly seems to have taken on a life of it’s own and is demanding of me … Continued

Being Creative

It’s a constant struggle to be creative, finding myself pulled in lots of different directions, between my youngest son’s instinctive pleasure with colour and line, a pleasure only recently discovered, since having started Reception and my professional responsibility towards nurturing … Continued