they enter the world naked, struggling

into the avalanche of the different colours of light

the various textures of air

the drowning notes of breathing and sea

the lack of heartbeat


they wave arms like antennae, feet like pennants

their skins are super-charged with the anticipation

of earth and all its family of grit, moss, snail-slime


these are the newborn

that carry the thunderous freight

of a world’s longing to continue


they enter the world naked

and leave it with perhaps a nightdress

and a hippocampus drawing the curtain down

on 80 years of films they’ve been telling themselves

were real

About Char March

Char March is a multi-award-winning poet, playwright and short fiction writer. Her credits include:  five poetry collections, six BBC Radio 4 plays, seven stage plays and numerous short stories in anthologies and literary magazines. She has featured on BBC TV and radio. She’s been Writer-in-R…Read more


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  1. sally

    that is so strikingly beautiful, thankyou char


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