I’ve just come back from New York, where I took part in a group show.  Being such a big thing (for me) I decided to take my family with me.  What I didn’t realise is that despite my son being hugely excited about visiting Spider man’s and the Ninja Turtles’ home town, he found the journey and the intensity of the ‘Big Apple’ overwhelming.  What was particularly hard was his waking up every morning at 4 to 5am and needing to be entertained while keeping very quiet (we stayed at our lovely relatives flat).


The image included combines the craft what kept our son entertained in the early morning hours with my work being installed at the gallery.


For the first time I cheated on the time and date and put in the time and date when I think the bottle-man-thing was made, not when it was photographed.


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2 Responses to “Some work from New York”

  1. Helen Sargeant

    I love the narrative of this image. Bottle-man-thing, your work installed in the gallery, early morning creativity, mothering. I think that I would have struggled to stay asleep with an exciting week in Spiderman’s home city. x

  2. Frances Earnshaw

    We have to draw so deeply on our resources as artists at times… and I do mean making a bottle-man-thingy at 4-5a.m. hahaha!! Wow! A show in NY!


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