Gender swayed/swaying for: Pink but turned out Blue

Yours and DH’s ages: 38, 40

Previous children (gender, ages, months TTC them): DS1 (12) one attempt one month, DS2 (10) one attempt one month, DS3 (5) one attempt one month. (all conceived on O day), MC at 11 weeks (6 months)

Months TTC so far/when BFP: BFP 3rd cycle after mc in Jan (it did take us 6 months to get BFP for the bean we lost)

Diet: LE diet. mostly vegetarian, with chicken up to 2 times a week, no breakfast, no red meat, no potatoes (or very few on days i cheated), lots of low fat dairy (fat free yogurts, light philly, ricotta, mozzarella), no snacks, no salt, no food before 12pm or at times 1pm. I’d eat risottos with mushrooms and leeks, white pasta, red pasta, green beans, white cabbage, roast veg wraps with mozzarella for lunch, low fat cheese sandwiches, noodles…

I drank coke diet/zero, peppermint tea (but switched to raspberry leaf tea on the month I conceived). I would have cranberry/raspberry juice. I did usually have normal cup of tea with milk in the morning. I hardly had coffee but if I did it was always latte. I would sometimes have hot chocolate (maybe 1 in a week), I would try to drink milk, but wasn’t successful every day – relied on yogurts instead. I had some white wine in the month I conceived (the previous months I was on lent and alcohol free).

DH was forbidden coffee after midday, he could have one tea and one coffee (with lots of milk or latte) a day

How long on diet: 3.5 months – but there was 1 week cheat period around Easter. I got AF shortly after and went back on diet immediately.


  • cranberry (AF to O)
  • folic acid 2 tablets
  • magnesium/calcium/vit D
  • vitamin B6 2 tablets (just started it in the month I conceived)
  • I bought baby aspirin (instead of cranberry) vitex and chitosan, and intended to use if I didn’t get BFP

No supps for DH

BD pattern (when/frequency):
After 2 months of trying and doing cut off (1-2 days), and with the knowledge that it took us 6 months of trying with cut off to get pregnant with the bean I miscarried, we changed tactics.

We decided to do FR + many attempts.
DH released every day since my AF. We started BD on CD8 and went all the way to CD15 when I ovulated. Our last attempt was CD15 in the morning, I ovulated later that day or in the night time.

BD other factors (J&D/shallow/big O, etc):
FR for DH every day since my AF. Some J&D but as we were doing it every day, sometimes twice a day, I forgot when… We changed positions, but some shallow missionary, others me on top, we tried once standing up (but that was more for fun LOL). Mostly no O for me and mostly shallow.
Made DH have hot baths before some attempts.

Douche/pH/gel: Was using Replens, then switched to RePhresh the cycle we conceived. I used two applicators in 3 days periods, after my AF. I would use it in the morning at then wait 12 hours before BD. (I was convinced I drowned the swimmers in Replens previous months).

Exercise: weekly swimming, daily walking, some light yoga – but nothing in comparison what I used to do (regular running, yoga, swimming).
I went from 138lb to 125lb. Because of my cheat week I was probably 127lb when I conceived, but I was loosing weight at the time of conception.

Ions: Wore a rose quartz necklace non-stop since my mc, took it off when I got my BFP.

Anything else:
Used lemon source shower gel – both me and DH
Had lavender baths
Lavender burning oil and lavender oil on the pillows
Open windows during BD
Chinese Gender Predictor says GIRL (please please, it was wrong for all three of my boys! It shouldn’t be wrong again)
Conceived in April when most girls are supposedly conceived
Had pink cloth underneath the bed
I am older so hoping age will sway pink.
I was third month after mc.
I ovulated on Sunday and DH and I drank white wine on Friday/Saturday

I don’t plan on asking what sex the baby is at my 20 week scan, so you would need to wait till Jan 2014 to find out if this sway worked. Good luck ladies with all your sways.

Couldn’t resist and asked at 25 week 3D/4D scan – baby boy number 4 is due in early January

lighthouse el cotillo

Lighthouse in El Cotillo where we decided to go for baby number 4.

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2 Responses to “Pink Sway turned out Blue”

  1. Helen Sargeant

    I enjoy how this post reveals the rituals that accompany conceiving a baby. All the folklore, fact and fantasy around conception and gender. I had a late scan when I was nine months pregnant with Naoise. Patrick and Syd looked away but I could’nt resist finding out the babies sex. I am glad I did as I had longed for a daughter. It was good to be able to get used to the idea of having a boy. I love boys to me they are the best. xxxx

  2. Frances Earnshaw

    Oh, all the longing! And all the love rushes in, either way.

    I was told unequivocally I was having a boy, by several friends. I don’t know why. When I was told it’s a girl, after a long and bloody birth, my heart sang. Sometimes I wanted a boy so much, sometimes a girl.


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