Full Term

Script for ‘Full Term’ Video Film This is a plan for Sunday 15th December 2013. On the 15th December I will be full term. On this day I will cast my belly bronze. I will be 39. I will be … Continued

100 Days with James

A Document of Maternity Leave (2014) Sunday 20.04.2014 100 Days Video Script: Baby James is 100 days old today, Easter Sunday. Rainy weather, he is to stay in whilst I go to church at Sveti Vlaho (St Blasius) and then … Continued

Friday Records

Friday Records: A Document of Maternity Leave Records of my time with James Benjamin, my Friday child. This is an ongoing arts project: text comprised of diary entries, audio and photographs by Lena Simc, artist/mother. My maternity leave started on 06.01.2014. … Continued

Looking Back at 2013

31 12 2013 – 39w + 2 Today is its last day. A sense of relief. I only need to last one more day and I am out of 2013. My new baby needs to belong to 2014. A new … Continued

First Xmas in Anfield

25 12 2013 – 38w + 3 I have started re-reading To the Lighthouse again. So blue, in order to confirm the name James for the new baby. Christmas is on the TV. Sid is fast asleep, exhausted and beautiful. … Continued

2007 to 2013

Sunday 8th July 2007                             Sunday 22nd December 2013 Mother: 32 years                               … Continued

Pink Sway turned out Blue

Gender swayed/swaying for: Pink but turned out Blue Yours and DH’s ages: 38, 40 Previous children (gender, ages, months TTC them): DS1 (12) one attempt one month, DS2 (10) one attempt one month, DS3 (5) one attempt one month. (all … Continued

12 week scan becomes 13 week scan

1 July 2013 We met today little baby. Your heartbeat was strong and you were very athletic twisting and turning, jumping around the womb, not listening to the sonographer (who seemed somewhat incompetent) and not allowing for measurements. My baby … Continued