1 July 2013

12 week scan crop

We met today little baby. Your heartbeat was strong and you were very athletic twisting and turning, jumping around the womb, not listening to the sonographer (who seemed somewhat incompetent) and not allowing for measurements. My baby centre lot congratulated and sent well wishes. Oh, they are so nice. Your NT measurements were 1.5 mm, and the sonographer said you were 13+1 weeks which is kind of impossible because I can’t have ovulated on CD8, 7 days after AF.  You confused us a bit… Sonographer was deep in thought doing her job and not telling us, the worried parents, the most important thing, which is that you are fine. Are you a boy or a girl? I do long for a girl, but if you are a boy I will remain the only princess in the family. We told the boys about you. We sat them down on the sofa and gave them a scan picture each. They were so excited! Sid kept saying: Whose baby? Your baby? Where? Are you sure? Gabriel was glowing and Neal was so deeply concerned and loving. All is such a bliss today…


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2 Responses to “12 week scan becomes 13 week scan”

  1. Mo

    Lovely to have the mystery of the embryonic shapes as part of this project. . . . I feel I can say hello to him too and be part of this happy family occasion by receiving my own copy of the picture . The joy….the joy

  2. Helen Sargeant

    It is so so joyous spying in having a peek. The scan makes it all feel so real. Pregnancy is so mysterious, everything hidden within, enclosed. A scan allows a glimpse into this otherly world. This reminds me of my first scan with my second pregnancy the sonographer became apprehensive started “looking”, my heart paused, “what is it ?” I asked…….”a large fibroid”. That was all it was, an obstacle encroaching on your growing space. Phewwww then joy again. This is a beautiful image, thanks for sharing x


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